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Retention Pond Inspections & Maintenance

Serving Auburn, Opelika, and the greater Southeast United States for environmental systems service like retention pond compliance, management, and more. Your Environmental stewardship will have a direct impact on your business’ ability to avoid costly fines, citations, and potential shutdowns.

Authorized Practical Examiners

Protection For Rapidly Changing Environmental Regulations


Free Inspection

We will review and submit your required inspections of your damaged or deficient detention ponds.

Compliance Assessment

A compliance assessment will work to identify and analyze the risks associated with an owner’s detention pond.

Work Order

If you are in need of maintenance, you can submit a work order and schedule a time for us to evaluate the damages and make necessary repairs to your detention pond.

Regulatory Repair

Our Authorized Practical Examiners can guarantee against costly fines, citations, and potential shutdowns for your business.

Ongoing Maintenance

To continue running smoothly, retention ponds require ongoing maintenance to comply with city codes.

Avoid Citations

To avoid citations, make sure the pond does not have too much debris, runs properly, and meets the city’s specific requirements.

Environmental Enforcement

Schedule Your Retention Pond Inspection

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