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Regulatory Compliance

Protection For Rapidly Changing Environmental Regulations

Free Inspections

Detention Pond maintenance is an operations best management practice developed to control pollutant discharges that have potential to Impact waters of the state. Here at EnviroSure, we offer a free inspection of your damaged or deficient detention ponds. During our inspection, we provide a list of services:

  • Site visit

  • Photo review

  • Report

  • Advisory

  • Maintenance planning and scheduling regular inspections

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Compliance Assessment

A compliance assessment will work to identify and analyze the risks associated with an owner’s detention pond. 

We provide a compliance assessment that reviews your permit and the features of your detention pond to guarantee that these meet the required regulations in your area. If your property is not compliant with these regulations or if you have not renewed your permit, your property is not compliant and you will be subject to fines. With our compliance assessment, you can be certain that your property is in compliance.  

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Work Order

Most ponds need scheduled maintenance and work completed on an annual basis, as an immediate inspection, or on an as needed basis after a large storm event. If you are in need of maintenance, you can submit a work order and schedule a time for us to evaluate the damages and make necessary repairs to your detention pond.

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Regulatory Repair

Regulatory repair consists of:

  • Inspecting your inlet or outlet inner-workings on a monthly basis until the appropriate timing of maintenance is established.
  • Making sure your screen and/or trash track is clean and free of excessive trash and debris. You can notify your EnviroSure supervisor in the event of trash buildup.
  • Checking to make sure your environmental systems are operating efficiently.
  • Maintain the soil and vegetation around your retention pond, and dispose of organic material offsite or in the appropriate trash bin.
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Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures have been prepared for all activities conducted as part of the City’s Municipal Operations that have potential to impace waters of the state, like many environmental systems. One of the primary goals of these procedures is to provide time-tested, generally accepted routine procedures that minimize the potential for release of pollutants during the performance of municipal activities.

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Avoid Citations

To avoid citations, make sure these three things are under control:

  • Do not mow detention pond too close to the surface; height should be 4-6 inches to maintain healthy grasses.
  • Do not clean equipment or conduct maintenance on equipment in the detention pond, or near a storm drain or other stormwater conveyance feature.
  • Do not leave grass clipping in the pond.
  • Do no apply landscaping chemicals in the pond area, or in areas where the residue could make it into the pond during a storm event.
  • Do not attempt to clean up any unidentified hazardous material.

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